saved on EC2

Find out how much you can save:

+ dozens more

Near-zero work

Simply create a limited-access IAM Role to get your savings and no changes to EC2 configuration.


Massive savings

Achieve savings of up to 57% with our Flex, No-Commitment Reservations.


Extreme security

Usage AI only requests access to benign data such as CPU utilization, instance metadata, tags, existing reservations and savings plans. Your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.


Reserved Instances +
Guaranteed Buy-back

50%+ savings

on your EC2 spend

Usage AI achieves 50%+ average EC2 savings by purchasing the most lucrative deals on the EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace (3-year no-upfront RIs). Say goodbye to forecasting your EC2 needs since Usage reactively buys and sells reservations in real-time as your needs change, automatically.

Usage AI will flex to your EC2 instance count.



massive savings

57% EC2 Savings, none of the commitment.

Usage AI gets the greatest marketplace discounts available: 3-year RIs with 57% off, and removes the commitment entirely. So you can rest assured you’re getting the greatest possible savings with none of the anxiety of lock-in.

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Under the hood

Usage AI buys and sells RIs amongst its customers base on a daily basis. When a customer wants to stop using an RI before the end of its term, Usage AI automatically finds a buyer and sells the RI to that customer.

  • selling

    Usage AI sells RIs at the full Amazon market rate so that customers can continue to maximize savings.

  • fees

    Usage AI uses no-upfront so there's no fee on selling reserved instances by Amazon.

  • method

    Usage AI leverages the EC2 Reserved Instance marketplace to buy and sell reservations.

  • schedule

    Usage AI buys and sells on a daily basis

extreme security

We tread lightly.

Usage AI uses an extremely limited IAM Role to analyze your cloud and buy and sell reservations.

actual permissions
 "Version": "2012-10-17",
 "Statement": [
     "Action": [
     "Effect": "Allow",
     "Resource": "*"
  1. we cannot

    Modify, or in any way touch your instances.

  2. we cannot

    Read code or network traffic

  3. we cannot

    Start, Stop, or Modify your instances.


Automated EBS Savings

Never worry again about upgrading your EBS volumes, or terminating orphaned ones.

Usage’s EBS savings took off the load required to manually delete old EBS volumes...resulting in instant savings for zero work!